My name is Tori Williams

About Me

I believe that we all have gifts that we spiritually have to uncover. Understanding that, I have come into my psychic abilities at the age of 24. I felt as if I had a special connection with others at an early age but I wasn't understanding why I was "feeling" the hurt or the pain of others. It was so overwhelming that had to isolate myself. During my isolation period, I found out that I was an empath. I also found out about "tarot and oracle cards". I started using that system to uncover the truth in what I was feeling. I was explaining to others how my life was changing because i sought out the truth by using tarot. Finally i was able to do readings on others and the accuracy that I provided was amazing. People have told me how I was "spot on" with everything that I uncovered about them and their situation and now I am here to uncover your truth.

Using my special gifts, I am able to identify negative energies as well as positive energies that will encourage and uplift you. My goal is to help others uncover the truth about their situations and allow them to see their highest potential moving forward. Having said that, I am simply used as a guide to reveal certain aspects of your situation but please be aware that what i am shown through my divination system is what i will show you. I am not a special teller of the future but i can tell you what you need to be consciously aware of.



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I just wanna say this woman is AWESOME her readings are ACCURATE. I plan on coming back to see you later in the year but right now all is well YOU GUYS WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED Sis could be a counselor!

"The truth is rarely pure and never simple"

Oscar Wilde


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